Does Buying Adwords Help Boost Organic Rankings?

I had never believed it until a client had insisted that we set it up. I had read about it on forums before and even saw Matt Cutt’s video on it where he dismisses the myth.

Here is Google’s official comment on this:

With that in mind, I obviously thought it was a load of BS and wouldn’t benefit us at all. The client was so insistent on it that he had seen it work in the past, that we went ahead and set it up.

A week or two later, we saw some surprising boosts. Here are some big boosts for many significant terms:

(Ignore the search volumes – SERPfox always gets them wrong)

Keyword 1:

Post Adwords KW2

Keyword 2:

Post Adwords KW5Keyword 3

Post Adwords KW6

These boosts took about 2-4 weeks to take affect.

Now this obviously isn’t a conclusive test, as I did build 2 links after adwords started, but those weren’t very powerful sites in my network. There stats were:

Site 1: DA 17, PA 30, CF 16, TF 13

Site 2: DA 17, PA 19, CF 17, TF 19

Some may argue that it was the links built prior to adwords that gave it the boost, and it’s very possible, but again, very few links were built.

Here is the exact linking history timeline.

Linking History Timeline:

  • 25-May : 2 links
  • 4-June : 2 Links
  • 8-June : 1 Links
  • 9-June : Adwords Started
  • 2-July : 2 links


This obviously requires more testing to be conclusive, but the results are positive enough for me to believe that there is some positive effect.

What is your experience with adwords and rankings?

Has it worked out for you before?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.