Resurrecting a Deindexed PBN


Alright, I’m sick of hearing about deindexed PBNs and this is the last time I will be talking about it!

HOWEVER, we did manage to recover some of our PBNs that were deindexed, and I wanted to share with you how.

1. Filing a Reconsideration Request

We started an experiment 2 weeks ago when we first saw signs of mass deindexing. The purpose of this test was to see if we could revive our deindexed sites (obviously some of these cost a couple hundred dollars, so we wouldn’t want to just chuck em away).

We took 2 deindexed sites, changed hosts, repurposed the site and filed a reconsideration request.

1.5 weeks later…

1 site had the manual penalty REVOKED:

Manual Action RevokedWhilst the other didn’t:

Manual Action held

There is clearly some luck in this, as I think it depends heavily on how strict your manual reviewer is, but it’s worth a shot for sure.

The site that had the penalty revoked is indexed nicely in Google now.

2. Changing Hosts

Yep, I know this sound simple, but that’s literally all we did for this one. We took a couple of sites that were hosted on SEO hostings (1 in particular was known to be targeted real badly), and we moved them to more expensive hosting companies.

The idea with this was to test whether Google was targeting bad neighborhoods, and it looked like they were.

My guess is that if the Big G found an IP with a ton of SEO sites, they may have just deindexed everything on that IP. That’s why simply switching hosts recovered it without any additional work.

This ties into my last post where Stephen Floyd mentioned that SEO hosts were something to avoid now.

Protect Your PBNs Course

I mentioned this in the last post as well, but in case you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d suggest you get in on Stephen Floyd’s BulletProof SEO course.

This is for anyone who wants to keep their PBNs safe from deindexing.

The last time I checked, Stephen’s seen no deindexed sites using his methods, so for a measly sum, this is a no brainer!


Looks like Stephen’s course is closing tonight (30-Sep at midnight CST). Get on it while it’s still available! BulletProof SEO