20 September 2014
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20 September 2014,

Part 4 featured image

This is Part 4 of a 5 part series. Don’t forget to check out the others:

Alright guys, we’re going to dive right into the meat now.

This is probably the MOST important part of the whole training series. We’ve intentionally tried to make it as detailed as possible so that we don’t leave ANYTHING out.

Now before we start, I know what you’re thinking – why are these guys revealing everything?

Here’s the deal, Steve and I have both personally bought tons of training courses (hundreds of dollars each) from so called experts only to find out that they leave key information that can make or break your campaign.

To be quite honest, we’re both pretty fed up with this and want to give newcomers the chance to find success in SEO (which is why all our tests and experiments on Search Highway are free by the way).

Long story short, we won’t be holding back!

Tested and Optimized

By now, you should know how much testing we do. GSA is no different. We’ve tested the settings to ensure that GSA runs optimally. This has allowed us to build links consistently at 100 Links Per Minute (LPM), and even reach speeds as high as 500 LPM (yes, that’s over half a million links / day – nuts!)


The way we’ve set everything up ensures that we minimize the stress on GSA, leaving it with more power to do what it does best – build links!

So hopefully you’re as pumped as I am right now.

Let’s get right into it.

Dislaimer: There are affiliate links throughout this post. There is no additional cost for you, however we will earn a commission if you do decide to purchase them. This keeps our blog and experiments running to provide you with the most cutting edge SEO strategies. We ONLY promote products that have benefited us, and would never promote something just for commissions sake.

Video (written transcript below)

For a list of all the tools and resources used in the video, click here.

Here’s the setup for those who prefer to read.

1. GSA Captcha Breaker

Quick introduction to Captcha Breaker in case you’re new to this.

Captcha Breaker solves captchas automatically, and is a one time fee (as opposed to other solvers such as Death by Captcha). Typically it solves around 50% of captchas, which is why many people (including myself) use a secondary captcha to work alongside it.

Captcha Breaker intro

The settings here are pretty straightforward. Go into the options tab and ensure it looks like mine below (there shouldn’t be much to change – if any).

captcha breaker 1

Note: In my image I’m using a secondary captcha service (a nice to have). Uncheck “send captcha to the following service…” if you don’t have it.

2. Global Options

Submission Tab:

Threads – this determines how fast you want GSA to run. This depends heavily on the VPS you use. The SparkSEO VPS we recommend should run at about 300 Threads.

Use the following settings:

Global Settings 1

Proxies – We use private proxies for everything to improve our submission rate and link building speed.

Don’t forget to hit configure and import your proxies here.

Proxies 1

Also click on options at the top and change your settings to the following:

Proxies 2

Captcha tab

This section basically tells GSA SER to forward all captchas to GSA Captcha Breaker.

Global Settings - Captchas

Indexing Tab

This is optional, but we use indexification to get our links found by G quickly.

Global Settings - Indexing

Filter Tab

Leave everything as default.

Advanced Tab

There are 3 steps to the GSA process. Identify links, Submit and Verify that they’re live. These can be saved into folders so that they’re used for other projects – saving time in the future.

Global Settings - Advanced

3. Project Settings

Importing content from KM

  1. At the bottom of your project settings, you’ll see a tools button.
  2. Click on Tools > AutoFill > Use Kontent Machine > Import
  3. Select all the exported text documents from KM (Training Part 3) and click “open”
  4. A popup will appear asking you which fields to fill. Uncheck “Anchor Text” and “Keywords” and hit OK.
    Project Settings - Import KM
  5. And Voila, KM fills out everything else for you.

Data Tab

1. Enter the URL: Hit the “edit” button next to the URL box and click “edit all”. Paste your URL into the popup. The reason I’m not telling you to paste it directly into the URL box is because if you copied your project, you could potentially end up with 2 URLs in there without even noticing.

2. Enter Keywords: Under the keywords box, go to Tools > and import a list of keywords. These can either be targeted specifically towards your niche, or a broad list of 100,000+ keywords (you can scrape these or purchase them online).

Alternatively, you can download our list of 100,000+ keywords here (all for free).

3. Fill in Anchors: Using the anchor texts in our spreadsheet from part 3 of the training, go to Tools > Spin Convert to automatically put your anchors in spintax format.

Project Settings - Data 0

We can now copy these into anchor fields. Use the anchor ratios below.

Project Settings - Data

This will give us predominately branded anchors with a blend of LSI and our main keywords sprinkled in. We’ve played with a lot of different settings and this mixture works best.

Note: We’ve bought courses that sell for $450+ dollars and even they don’t give you these anchor text ratios 😛

Article Manager Tab

You should see a list of all your articles here.

Uncheck everything except “Do no submit same article more than 1 times per account”

Options Tab

There are a lot of things you can do in this tab, so I won’t explain it all, but here is a brief explanation (if you have any more questions, head on over to the lab and ask away).

Section 1 – How to submit / verify

Use the following settings:

Project Settings - Options Tab 1

Section 2 – How to get Target URL’s

GSA has the ability to go out and find URL’s to post to on it’s own. You specify that in this section here.

(Note: There are more advanced strategies where you obtain a list of URLs using additional tools to post to. We won’t go through those here, but the reason why people do that is because it increases GSA’s posting speed since it’s not wasting resources going out and scraping sites).

  1. Select all the search engines you want GSA to scrape. Since I’m targeting Google US, I’ve selected the large, English search engines
    (Pro Tip: If you right click, you can easily check based on language and country)
  2. Select to use the Identified, Global site list

Project Settings - Options Tab 2

Section 3 – Scheduled Posting

Leave everything unchecked

Section 4 – Filter URL’s

Here you can tell GSA to ignore certain URL’s. You may want to skip sites that have been spammed too much, low PR, in bad neighbourhoods and much more.

Here is what we have:

Project Settings - Options Tab 4

Email Verification Tab

To get a batch of emails, I would recommend that you buy a ton of emails off of Fiverr.

Here are a couple that I quickly found for you to get you started:

Now import these into your project, and make sure to check that they are working and that they are not blacklisted.

You should also make the following settings:

Project Settings - Email Verification

Engines to Submit to

WordPress is considered an engine, so is PHPbb (a forum), and so is drupal. There are a ton of others and this section tells GSA which ones to post to.

We want to make this as lean as possible because we don’t want GSA wasting time posting to sites that they can’t put content on.

For our purposes, we also want to only post to sites that allow anchor texts.

Often times in spammed sites, you’ll see anchors such as:

  • Visit poster’s website
  • Homepage homepage
  • homepage des autors besuchen

This is because on certain sites, you can post a link but it won’t let you choose your anchor text. Obviously we want to avoid these if we want full control over our anchor text profile.

Right click in the engines area and select “Uncheck engines that use no anchor text”

Project Settings - engines to submit

4. Speeding up GSA

GSA is a power blaster, and we want to maximize it’s full potential. Here are things we do to achieve 500+ LPM at times.

1. Remove Duplicate URLs

You should be doing this daily. Remove any duplicate URL’s in GSA so it doesn’t spend time posting to the same site twice

Go to the Global Options > Advanced > Tools > Remove Duplicate URLs

2. Use site lists

You can either purchase these (don’t purchase from scrapebrokers, as every other SEO is posting to them, meaning all their sites are quickly spammed), or create them yourself using ScrapeBox or Gscraper.

Personally, I prefer Gscraper, although it’s can get expensive with the monthly proxy fees and the extra VPS you’ll need to run it on.

3. Regularly check that your emails aren’t burnt out

Email’s can easily get blacklisted from posting too much. You’ll want to check these regularly and have them removed so they’re not wasting resources.

Go into your project > Email Verification tab and do a Blacklist check and Test to see they’re working

email check

4. Regularly check to see if your proxies are working

Go into the proxies tab and check your proxies to make sure they’re all live

You are now armed with the knowledge to crush your the SERPs with GSA, and should easily be hitting over 100 LPM. You can apply these same settings to other authoratative properties as well such as web2.0’s, YT etc.

Resources (Must Haves)

I’ve mentioned these before, but just as a recap, at the minimum, you will need the following in order to run GSA:

Resources (Nice-to-Haves)



Like I mentioned, I want you to succeed in this, so we’re giving you our 100,000 Keyword List all for free. Click here to download it.


Last Words

If you’re having any trouble, hit us up in the lab and we’ll help you out.

Otherwise stay tuned for Part 5 – Guiding Your GSA Campaigns.

(Thought we were done? Not Yet! GSA isn’t a set and forget. You still gotta steer the ship, Captain). Stay tuned


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  4. sam says:

    Thanks Hin. I love your complete and very clear tutorial. I highly appreciate your hardwork. One question, if our position on Amazon is taken by other seller, like you said then our product page won’t show/ omitted on serp. Wouldn’t it make our hard work wasted?

    Can’t wait for next video

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    Hin I just want to thank you so much for your generosity and sharing this information with all. Much I appreciate it .
    I will be buying some of your affiliate products, that is my way of thanking you guys.
    Merry x-mas to all and an awesome new year 2015.

  6. Kaspars says:

    Amazing tutorial, this will help me so much! Thank you. However, there wont be part 5?

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