9 September 2014,

I was entrenched in my SEO testing yesterday when I received an email from a Pure Quality Domains customer.

It said:

“Hin, I love your domains, but I’m completely turned off by your site. There’s too much going on in your pages that I don’t even want to look through your domains anymore”

Ah yes, information overload. How could I forget?

So the first thing I thought was, good thing we got a new design comin’ up. Well done Hin.

The second thing was, what if this same thing’s happening with our forum on Search Highway?

We’re putting out several new tests every week and I don’t want you to be overwhelmed.

If you’re able to follow what we’re doing, than I have no doubt that you can rank and be happy.

And if you’re happy, we’re happy.

SO, I went ahead and summarized all our tests results for July and August.
(Hint: if you’re lazy than this is the post you want to read)

So here’s everything we learnt.

1. Brand New Sites are Throttled

Throttle Factor

Every brand new site has a throttle factor applied to it. This basically means that some sites will naturally rank faster than others (we call these winners), whilst others will take months to break 1st page (aka losers). We took this one step further and later tested this on inner pages. We learnt that having a winner homepage will also give you winner inner pages. In short, a winner will rank better across the site as a whole. By doing a throttle test every time you set up a new site, you can sift through the winners and losers saving you months at a time.

2. Local TLD’s rank much better for local SEO


We did a test for ranking Canadian terms using both .ca and .com TLD’s. We found that .ca’s completely dominated the .com’s. Later after speaking with several readers of the blog, they mentioned that they had also experienced similar results with other regions (i.e. buying a .co.uk will rank better for a local UK term than a .com).

3. Increase in searches and visitors DO NOT lead to increased rankings

Traffic Test

We initially started this test as a result of an observation from a rankings boost after implementing Adwords. Sadly, on the 2 sites we tested this on, rankings either did not change or had a drastic decrease.

4. Themed PBN’s trump general PBNs


We threw 20 new PBNs at 20 new money sites for this test, and the results were quite significant. A 48% boost in rankings with themed PBNs vs. general. Personally, this was a game changer for me as I’ve been using general PBNs all along. Now that I know how much more of a boost we get with theming, I will definitely set them up accordingly moving forward.

There you have it. We’ve got a lot more tests coming out of the Test Lab for the coming month including:

  • The ultimate PR vs. DA test
  • Brand vs EMD vs PMD domains
  • Ranking an Amazon Page
  • Relevancy Stacking
  • and much more…

Get notified as soon as these come out by joining us here

(PS. These experiments are free)

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  1. Alston Antony says:

    i am new reader to the site already enjoying the specialty here is no B.S only real case studies and testing :)

    looking forward to more :)

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