16 May 2015
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16 May 2015,

Rarely are things ever invented nowadays. Everything is either a slight variation or an incremental improvement of something else out there.

For example,

Gentlemint is a male’s version of pinterest

Etsy is the handmade goods version of Ebay

Kijiji is Canada’s version of Craigslist

…and the list goes on.

My point is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. You just need to look at who has been successful, and copy them. And the best place to start with this is usually your competitors.

(Note: I’m not talking about word for word copying, but copying their strategies).

Let’s dig a bit deeper. In this article I will teach you how you can find out exactly what your competitors are doing online.

1. Find out who is successful

This part is easy. Most of you already know this, but list 3 of your competitors that are killing it in your area right now.

More often than not people tell me about businesses that they dislike. That doesn’t mean they are doing well. We want to mimic people who have a huge marketshare in the spa industry.

If you’re unsure, there are a few ways to do this.

  1. Find out who is advertising. If a certain business is advertising heavily everywhere and frequently, then you can bet they’re making good money. Look on Google and find out which ads you always see.
  2. Ask your customers if they’ve tried any other spas or which ones they know of in the area. The ones they list off first are usually the ones advertising most

belair laser clinic

2. Use SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool that allows you to find out what people are doing online. Although this is a paid service, there is a free trial available too.

Plug in your competitions URL and watch what pops up.

In this example, I am putting in http://bellairlaserclinic.ca, a successful medical spa in Toronto.

Organic Search

There’s 1 key points to note here. That they’ve increased their spend at the turn of the new year, and have kept it up at that budget for several months. What that means is that it is working for them.

belair laser clinic - semrush organic

Paid Search

On the paid search side, you can see that they’re spending roughty $3.5K per month on ads. Again this is pretty consistent all year round, meaning it is bringing in a consistent flow of customers for them.

You can see lower down which specific services they are targeting as well.

belair laser clinic - semrush paid

You can take this further and find out exactly what ads they’re running and find out what promotion techniques they used on which month.

belair laser clinic - semrush ad copies


Would any of this be useful to you? Of course! Now you have a template to model off of. You can clearly figure out how much they’re spending and where they’re spending it.

Go try it out on some of your competitors sites.

Would you like someone to do this for you? Let us know

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