4 September 2014,

Look at how many PBN courses were released just last week:



3 too many in my opinion.

Everyone’s jumping on the PBN bandwagon and auction prices are soaring to an all time high.

Therefore, if you want to:

  • Save some cash and maximize your existing network of PBNs
  • Unleash a fury of SEO link juice

Then you need to keep reading.

(PS. if you’re looking for a course on building PBNs, here is free training that is second to none)

Maximize your PBNS


The team here at SH started looking into ways to make PBNs more powerful.

We decided to test out the effect of site-wide relevancy.

After setting up 20 brand new money sites and 20 new PBNs, we got some conclusive and exciting results.

Check it out here.

Now if you don’t care about the details and just want the executive summary, then here are the facts.

Across 2 groups that we tested this for (city 1 and city 2):

  • City 1 – Niche Relevant PBN’s ranked 48% higher than General
  • City 2 – Niche Relevant PBN’s ranked 29% higher than General

and overall, on average:

Niche Relevant PBN’s ranked 38.5% higher than General PBNs

So the results are pretty clear.

Conclusion: If you’re not theme’ing your PBN’s towards a specific niche, then you’re leaving link juice on the table!

So how do you make them more relevant?

Great question.

I knew you’d ask so I put this guide together specifically for you.

Find out the 8 steps to making PBN’s ultra relevant by clicking here.

(Note: These are the EXACT steps we used to get PBN boosts of up to 48%)

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