Does your business need more customers?

Everyday, hundreds of people are looking for your services in Edmonton, the only problem is they can’t find you! Not unless you start showing up on Google that is.

The way you can start showing up on Google is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here are some common questions we get when it comes to SEO.

What to expect

SEO is a long term game. If you are expecting results within a week or even a month, then this is NOT for you (If that’s you, then start looking at PPC). Building a steady stream of traffic takes time, and that’s why it usually takes 6 months before we see results. That’s just the nature of the game. But once you reach the top of Google, your phone starts ringing, emails come in and you begin to see a consistent flow of daily traffic.

A good analogy we like to use is that of a tomato plant. Growing a tomato plant can take weeks before tomato’s start to sprout, but once they do, they start popping up everywhere, daily and regularly.

Why should you do SEO

Although it takes time to get to the top of Google, once you do, you’ll get a steady flow of regular traffic. Imagine being able to get floods of calls every day allowing you to work on other aspects of your business, rather than spending time marketing.

Let us handle the marketing, whilst you do what you know best – your business.

Who is it good for

SEO is ideal for businesses that:

  1. Have people searching for them online
  2. Have a recognizable search term (i.e. lawyers). If you are in an obscure industry that many people do not know about, then SEO may not be the best option. For example, Uber is not a company that should be doing SEO because not many people would be searching for “crowdsourced taxi companies”.
  3. Have demonstrated that they have a high quality product/service to offer
  4. Are more than 1 year old

If you fit the criteria, then call us now!