7 August 2014,

One of the huge questions in SEO right now is:

“Should I rely on PR or DA to determine the strength of a PBN site?”

We want to throw back the curtains on this debate and find who wins out… or will there even be a clear winner?

Some context around PR & DA

Ultimately, PR and DA are just aggregations of hundreds of factors that say one thing: “What’s the quality of the backlinks pointing to this site?”, and we use them as filters so we can focus our backlink analyses.

Some issues I’d like to address about PR:

  • It was last updated 8 months ago. The last one before this was 10 months earlier in February 2013.
  • PR can be transmitted by a single link (i.e. PR5 link = strong PR2 / weak PR3)
  • A LOT can change within a link profile of a site in 8 months.  That precious PR5 link of yours could have been deleted long ago
  • Do we even know if Google still uses PR as a predominant metric?

And some issues about DA:

  • It can be built up by pure spam.  MOZ still gives slight value to each spam link, so throw 100,000 of them and you’ve got yourself a DA 20
  • MOZ is a BUSINESS first, and their #1 priority is PROFIT, not helping SEOs.  We need to take every “company-created” tool with a grain of salt


Magical non-spammed domains with high DA & PR


Ah yes, the combination that we all long for.  Unfortunately, these domains have SKYROCKETED in price, most to $500 plus, and it’s unsustainable to run a business like this for most of us.  As we know, the SEO world is not a guaranteed one, and an algorithm change can knock down money sites and PBNs overnight.  So we need to be smart & economical about our PBN purchases.

We go over the aspects of smart domain-buying in our training section on PureQualityDomains.com:



Our Next Test – The PR-DA Face-Off

We’ll be pitting DA against PR in our next test, with focus on using AFFORDABLE domains.

Now, we’ve actually ranked in medium-competition local niches with nothing but DA 18+, PR0 domains.  This only took 14 links to achieve.

Ranking History - Edited

But we’ll cut PR some slack, and we’ll be setting up our experiment with:

  • PBNs with High DA (20+) sites and PR 0
  • PBNs with Medium PR (2-4) sites with low-medium DA (10-15)
  • Fresh domains for money sites

Once again, we’ll be applying the Throttle Factor to our testing, to ensure we have a wide range of test results.

Stay tuned to Search Highway for this one!


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