6 September 2013,

Every brand should be monitoring what is being said about them online (Remember, the key to reputation management is prevention). This is however near impossible across so many platforms nowadays without the help of a tool.

Google Alerts is great for news articles and blog posts, but it leaves out one very significant sector – social media. There are literally hundreds of tools that have come in over the last few years to fill in this void – some which are amazing (most of which are junk however).

In this post I’ll look at a couple of popular tools and list out some pros and cons of each. Skip to the end to see who my winner is!

1. Social Mention

Social Mention is a tool that has been around for a few years now. It crawls through blogs, blog comments, twitter, image, video, audio and much more and displays these onto a single feed. Because of that, it provides very in-depth with its results.

social mention


  • Provides metrics on brand recognition, passion, sentiment and influence which can be very useful if you’re monitoring several brands
  • Has very in-depth search results
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free


  • Social Mention no longer provides Email alerts
  • Due to the sheer amount of results it provides, it takes some time to sift through all the data. This is quite time consuming, especially if your brand is talked about a lot online (or your brand contains words that represent something else)


Social Mention is a great tool considering it’s free. However it takes time to sift through all the data they provide, which becomes very time consuming.

2. Twazzup

Twazzup is a great tool for finding twitter conversations regarding your brand, keyword or hashtag. They have been around since 2010 and is one of my favourite tools for twitter analytics.


  • Has a very user-friendly interface
  • Crawls data incredibly quickly
  • Free


  • Only searches Twitter
  • Doesn’t provide email alerts

I mentioned above that the Twazzup user interface is excellent. It not only displays the tweets live, but it summarizes them for you.


As you can see, there are effectively 3 sections to the summary.

Top Influencers – These people are your brand ambassadors (usually), and you will therefore want to engage with them or even reward them. I find that although a reward in the form of a free product or discount code is great, a simple thank you also goes a long way. This is very important if you want to turn them from fans to super-fans!

Top RT Links – These are popular articles, posts or news about your brand that is circulating around the social media world. Quickly check these out to see if there are any negative mentions about your brand. This is also a great tool to find out what people like about your brand, improvements and general thoughts.

Google News Alerts – Although you can easily find this data through a Google search, it’s a nice feature that allows you to quickly skim through any news articles relating to your brand.


Twazzup is a great tool to use if a lot of your brand engagement happens over Twitter. It’s incredibly easy to use, and not to mention it’s free, that there’s no excuse to not be using it. You will however need to be very disciplined in checking this regularly as there are no email alerts.

3. Addict-o-matic

Addict-o-matic is another free tool that has a very straightforward dashboard interface. It groups data about your brand from each source into its own box. This makes it easy to browse through – unlike Social Mention where all your data was aggregated together.


Furthermore, you can also customize your data sources and then bookmark the page for future reference.



  • Free tool
  • Easy to use and customizable dashboard
  • Crawls data quickly


  • Doesn’t include several popular platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn
  • No email alerts


Although Addict-o-matic has an excellent interface that allows for quick browsing, it’s not exactly designed for social monitoring (eg. no email alerts, social metrics etc.), but rather for keeping up to date with trending news.

4. Mention

Mention was developed as a direct replacement for Google Alerts (you can even import your Google Alerts into their system). It monitors not only the web, news and blog posts, but also the two most popular social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).


Not only does it do a great job in identifying online mentions, but it has one of the best user-interfaces I’ve seen in all the tools. What I really like about the interface is the ability to see the mention in the preview window on the right. This eliminates the extra-step of having to click the link and view it in another window.


Furthermore, it provides email alerts and has a feature they call “anti-noise technology” which automatically removes mentions similar to those you delete. This helps clean up your feed.

Finally, it even has a mobile app for added convenience.


  • Extremely simple and elegant user-interface
  • Email Alerts
  • Mobile Application
  • Social metrics and statistics
  • A free version is available


  • Paid tool


Mention is one of my favourite social media monitoring tools and I have little to complain about. For those on a tight budget, there is a paid lite version starting at only $6.99/month.

5. Trackur

Trackur is a popular social media monitoring tool that provides detailed social insights for a business. I say business simply because of the price point – starting at $97/month.


With that in mind however, it has an excellent user interface, and searches in-depth across several sources including news, blogs, twitter, forums etc.

One of my favourite features of Trackur is the Influence and Sentiment analysis.

Influence is a score they give to websites (or twitter posts) indicating how influential they are. This is based on traffic and visibility. The higher the influence, the more their content will be seen by people online.

Their sentiment analysis assists users in identifying positive and negative results. This means that you can easily browse through your list of mentions and quickly find those that negatively mention your brand. This is a huge time saver for large brands with lots of online activity.


  • Simple user-interface
  • Influence and Sentiment analysis features
  • Email Alerts
  • Trackur insights for charts and analytics
  • Free version available


  • Expensive for individuals and small businesses


Trackur is an amazing tool, but I’ve never been able to justify its price point to clients when it comes to recommending a social media monitoring tool. I would however highly suggest Trackur for Social Media agencies or larger corporations.

The Winner

When it comes to overall price and performance, Mention is without a doubt my preferred tool for Social Media Monitoring. They are still relatively young in the market, and so you can expect several new add-ons over the next year or two as their product becomes more popular.

Do you agree with me? What is your preferred Social Media Monitoring Tool of choice?

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