24 November 2013,

Not long ago, I wrote a post on the the importance of online reviews. It outlined not only the increasing trends and popularity of online reviews, but more importantly the fact that the majority of people are placing as much trust in them as they would as a recommendation from family or a friend.

yelp review

Yelp is the ultimate sales machine for any local business. It not only generates endless leads, but leads where the customer is ready to buy. That’s the goldmine of any sales prospect.

Why you ask?

Because these people are ready to pay for whatever you offer – they don’t need to be convinced. They just need some direction on where to spend their money.

82% of visitors on Yelp are ready to make that purchase, and 93% of Yelp visitors end up purchasing from a local business based on a yelp recommendation. So ask yourself, is your Yelp page positioned to convince the customer that your business is where they should be spending their money?

Or to put it even more simply, would you use your own business based on reading your reviews on Yelp?

Here’s the infographic:

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Do the reviews on your yelp page reflect the quality of your services/products? Let me know below

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