30 January 2014,

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In the year of 2014, not monitoring or cleaning up your online reputation can put you at a serious disadvantage. The web is becoming more transparent with the growth of Google and social networks, and more accessible with the growth of mobile than ever before.

This means that that your customers, employers and potential colleagues will have done some sort of research on you online before meeting you.

  • 500 Million non-celebrity people searches are made per day
  • 77% of recruiters are required to Google potential employees during the hiring process
  • 45% of people have found something in a Google search that has made them decide NOT to do business with them

That’s why I’ve created this guide on the step-by-step methods on how to clean up your online reputation and turn it into an online authority. Here are some of the topics that you’ll learn:

Chapter 1: Uncover what others are saying about your brand
The first step of any reputation management campaign is to understand where the problem lies. In this chapter, we’ll use several techniques to uncover all the bad press about your brand across the web.

Chapter 2: Reputation Cleanup 101 – Social Media Madness
Social Media is no doubt an extremely powerful tool for growing your brand online. It can also however be used to clean up your online reputation. The best thing about social media is that it’s free – so there’s no excuse for not using it.

Chapter 3: Reputation Cleanup 102 – Website Walk-Through
Control is the golden treasure when it comes to reputation management. With control, you have the ability to dictate what shows up on the web, how it’s perceived, and ultimately how your brand is perceived. That’s why a website is critical to the success of any campaign.

Chapter 4: Harness the power of SEO
When it comes to Online Reputation Management (ORM), most people want to control how the SERPs appear, because that’s where people start the information digging. Understanding search engines is the crux of SEO. In this chapter we give you actionable steps to get your website ranking.

Chapter 5: Monitor your online reputation to prevent future attacks
‘A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on it’s shoes’ – Winston Churchill.

This chapter is all about stopping the lie the second it steps out the door, before any damage is done. We’ll show you exactly how to do this without being glued to every social media channel 24/7.

Chapter 6: Generate an endless stream of positive reviews
A Harvard study concluded that every extra 1 star rating on Yelp led to an increase in business revenue by 5 – 9%. Wouldn’t you therefore like to know how to keep those positive reviews flowing, whilst keeping the negative ones at bay?

Chapter 7: Urgent Recovery Tactics
You’ve just found some real damaging content about you on the web and are looking for an IMMEDIATE solution. If you’re in this situation, this chapter might be able to help you. If not, these are still good to know when this day does happen.

Chapter 8: Turn your Brand into an Authority Machine
You’ve cleaned up your online profile, but you’re not done. Nobody is interested in hiring a candidate with an indifferent reputation. People want winners, and your online profile should reflect that. This chapter will show you how to establish that authority.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out the free guide and enhance your online reputation today!

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